We run multiple trips per year and also book trips
for divers using our diving experieces

10-25 DEC 2022 - Bonaire
Come for the first week, the second week, both weeks, or anytime in between.  Bonaire is known as the shore dive capital of the world and the capital of diving freedom.  Dive when you want, where you want, and for how long you want, and as deep as you want.  We will be doing both recreational and technical diving on this trip, This trip is suitable for both beginning and advanced divers.  We will also be doing a few deep technical dives with trimix on this trip.

26 July -13 Aug 2022 - Egypt 
The first week will be aboard a Red Sea liveaboard.  The second week will be shore diving in Dahab, Egypt.  You can come for either the first week or the second week or both.  The diving aboard the liveaboard requires AOW and will be recreational not exceeding 100 feet.  The second week will include both recreational and technical diving.  For recreational shore diving, we suggest a minimum certification of AOW.  We recommend a Deep certification as some of the iconic dive sites are between 100 and 130 feet.  Those who are not Deep or technical certified will not be permitted to exceed 100 depths as Egypt enforces certification agency guidelines.  We will be also conducting technical dives of the Blue Hole Arch Divers Graveyard during the Dahab phase of the trip.

3-10 June 2023 - Cayman Brac
My favorite place to dive in the Western Hemisphere.  Enjoy dramatic wall, wreck, and reef diving with stunning underwater topography.  Both shore and boat diving.  Suitable for both beginner and advanced divers.  This trip, we will be staying in a hotel that has rooms with fully equipped kitchens.  A breakfast and dinner meal plan is also available.