To encourage our students to continue to do business with us after receiving their certifications, we are implementing the following customer loyalty program. This program only applies to equipment rented or purchased new through our store.  

1.  Rent a set of mask, snorkel, boots, and fins during a course and receive FULL RENTAL CREDIT from that set towards the purchase of a complete set of mask, snorkel, boots, and fins.
2.  Purchase a complete set of mask, snorkel, boots, and fins and receive HALF PRICE rental on BCDs, regsets, and weights when you dive after we certify you.
3.  Purchase a complete new regulator set (1st, 2nd stages, octo, and gauge / AI computer) and receive FREE LIFETIME scheduled maintenance service labor (parts not included) for the original owner.  
4.  Buy a BCD and receive FREE LIFETIME scheduled service (parts not included) for the original owner.
5.  Purchase a BCD, regset, and computer and receive a FREE Adventure (upgradeable to Advanced), Nitrox equipment, or refresher course in addition to the FREE LIFETIME scheduled service (parts not included).  
6.  Purchase a BCD, complete regset, computer, and tank and receive FREE air fills forever, as long as our compressor is in service, in addition to the FREE LIFETIME service labor and the FREE Adventure, nitrox, equipment, or refresher course.

Starting 1 February 2015, be our guest for one free offshore recreational dive trip for every $999 you spend with us!  Keep your receipts as this is a running total, not individual purchases.  Why buy from anyone else including the Internet when you can dive as our guest for free when we do recreational trips.  Offer does not include equipment.  Tax and trips costs do not apply towards each $999. 

UPCOMING DIVE 2020 TRIPS AND EVENTS - come for some or all of the following trip dates
Bonaire 28 Dec 2019-12 Jan 2020
Cayman Brac, 2-9 May 2020, call for pricing
Egypt Dahab Blue Hole, 1-8 August, $750, Egypt Red Sea Liveaboard (1/2 cabin, food, nitrox), $1100. 

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