To more accurately reflect the true operating nature of Dive Zone Scuba, this previously community properly owned business partnership is now a sole proprietorship being operated by Tanya Gorguraki.  Tanya provided the startup funding for Dive Zone Scuba after initially teaching for both the YMCA and another local dive shop.  Tanya will continue to manage and operate the business.  She will still be assisted as before by other people including her former business partner Chris on the weekends.

Tanya is PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and a TEC 65 certified technical diver.  She had held professional level certifications from both PADI and NAUI for over 20 years and has certified over 400 divers.  She is best known as the "fun" instructor and certifies most of the women and children for the shop.  Tanya has been successful in safely certifying many divers who would not otherwise have been certified.  Prior to managing the shop full time, Tanya was a tax processor with the Landry's Corporation.

Chris is a PADI Master and PADI and TDI full hypoxic trimix technical diving instructor with over 1000 certifications and has dove to over 100 meters (329 feet),  As a Master Instructor, Chris can certify open water divers thru Assistant Instructors.  As a technical trimix instructor, he can teach all of the PADI and TDI technical open circuit courses: PADI TEC 40, 45, 50, 65, TEC sidemount, trimix and TDI Intro to Tec, Advanced Nitrox, Decompress Procedures, Helitrox, Extended Range, Trimix, and Advanced Trimix.  In addition, he can certify self-reliant (solo), public safety, side-mount, drysuit, and full face mask divers. He is also a former airborne qualified U.S. Army bomb disposal (EOD) Captain and currently holds a U.S. Coast Guard 50 ton captain’s license.  Chris is also a graduate of the Pearland Citizens' Police Academy.  When not teaching scuba classes on the weekends, Chris is a tenured industrial engineering associate professor at the main campus of a Houston area university.  In this capacity, Chris instructs courses in engineering project management, computer applications, and engineering statistics.  He has also performed a variety of research projects for the Dept. of Homeland Security, the US Coast Guard, and the Dept.of Justice.  

A number of other instructors, assistant instructors, and divemasters also participate in the operation of the shop.  We also know that these people represent us.  So, they are carefully screened with respect to their personal character, diving proficiency, and their ability to professionally interact with our customers.