Open Water - Group rate $300 - (if you can find a better local price, 
let us attempt  to match it) - Classes are conducted year around call to schedule your class.
Lifetime certification to dive up to 60 feet anywhere in the world.   Open water classes normally consist of 5 sessions including 2 evening classroom sessions (or one weekend classroom session), 1 evening pool session, and 2 open water diving sessions over two weekend mornings.  One week and weekend only versions of this course are available.  You may also select elearning by clicking on the icon on the right.  BCD vests, regulator sets, tanks, weights, and wetsuits are included for the entire course in the course cost. Students must provide, rent, or purchase scuba grade mask, snorkel, fins, boots.  Rental fees are credited toward purchases.  Many area shops require you to purchase a lot of equipment to get certified.  This include weights, weight belts, bags,  masks, snorkles, fins, and boots.  Some shops even make you to rent wet suits, Bouyancy Control Devices and regulator sets to complete the course.  So when comparing our cost to other shops special prices including Groupon offers make sure you ask questions and include all course costs. For those people on short time frames, we also offer an express 3 day private course for $600.

Adv. Open Water (AOW)  - $300- Includes two tank deep dive offshore trip worth $200 by itself! 
Improve your skills under supervision and be certified to dive up to 100 feet.  Requires OW certification. No classroom work is required for this course.  The course consists of 5 dives over at least two days.  The required 60 foot plus deep dive for the AOW course is conducted from our dive boat in 90 to 100 feet deep 50-100 foot visibility water full of sealife off of a rig or wreck in the Gulf instead of the cold dark water of Lake Travis.

Rescue Diver- $250 - 1-2 classroom sessions, 2 weekend morning or afternoon sessions in open water Current CPR/EFR required. Respond to diving emergencies. Requires AOW. EFR / CPR - $75, $50 if taken with Rescue Diver

Technical diving courses - call for course prerequisites, details, and pricing
We are now locally teaching the PADI TEC sidemount and TEC 40, 45, and 50 technical diving courses in either backmount or sidemount.  Become qualified for longer and deeper dives up to 165 feet with decompression stops and double, stage and deco tanks.  Our shop has technical diving courses with the final dives conducted offshore in our boat in comparison to other shops that use lake dives in Travis or require you to travel out of town or out of the country. These provide you with better preparation for subsequent technical diving where ever you go.  All air, nitrox, and boat dives off our boat are included in the course tuition prices.  

Other Specialty Courses including enriched air nitrox - available on demand including self-reliant diver, sidemount, public safety, dry suit, deep, dpv, lionfish tracker.