Light Mounts for cameras and videos

We are now manufacturing and selling a line of light mounts and sticks for cameras and small video camera such as the gopro.  The light mounts enable divers to easily take video in the night or in small crevices that would not ordinarily be possible.  The come in two models.  One fits onto existing sticks like the Aquapod and the other is self contained with its own stick.  Cameras, housings, and lights are not included in the light mounts. Email us for purchasing details.
Speargun Gopro Camera Mounts

These mounts allow you to record your adventure with your Gopro or other video camera.  The mounts clamp on to the underside of the JBL series of spearguns with 1 inch tubes.  
Yoke Weight System For 
Improving Horizontal Trim

Feet too heavy? Improve your horizontal diving trim without special weights with our yoke weight system.  This device helps solve backinflate BCD face down issues on the surface.

The Yoke Weight System replaces the standard regulator yoke knob. The system accepts standard 2 to 5 pound lace through weights to establish proper diving trim. Weights are securely mounted and cannot shift, flop around, or get lost as with ankle weights. Regulator manufacturer must be specified prior to shipment as different yoke bolt diameters and threads are used. Veteran made in the USA. 3 lb weight is not included and is shown for illustration purposes only.